Apple has introduced a new upgrade option to .Mac subscribers.

The option allows users to increase the amount of storage they have available, while upgrading the amount of bandwidth they are allowed to use.

Until now, .Mac members have seen bandwidth capped at 3GB per month. With Apple’s focus on encouraging developers to integrate their applications with .Mac, and Mac OS X 10.4’s significant system-wide integration with the service, some users may soon find they need more bandwidth than is presently available.

Now users can acquire that bandwidth, using the “Buy More” button on their account page. .Mac subscriptions cost £69 per year as standard.

Two options are now available: as standard, .Mac subscribers receive 250MB of storage and a 3GB monthly data transfer limit; the upgrade option offers users 1,024MB of storage and a 10GB monthly data transfer limit. It costs an additional £34.99 each year (including VAT).