Apple’s, Pinnacle and Matrox Video announced two new pieces of jointly-developed technology at the National Association of Broacasters show in Las Vegas yesterday.

Pinnacle announced the TARGA Cine, its uncompressed standard-definition (SD) and uncompressed high-definition (HD) video solution for the Mac. A high-end digital video board, TARGA Cine supports every major video format and can handle both uncompressed HD and SD video acquisition, creation and distribution formats. The board should start shipping this Summer, and was developed with Apple.

Matrox Video products Group and Apple jointly announced the first PCI video card for real-time digital-video editing on the Macintosh, the RTMac. The card offers real-time video editing, adds composite and S-video analogue video capture and export, and supports a second computer display. It also offers full-quality, real-time video playback and resolution on a computer display and NTSC/PAL monitor simultaneously.