Apple has released two International-English (IE) Mac OS updates, and promises an IE-ready version of iTunes this month.

The company has released the Z-DVD-ROM firmware update and Macintosh Manager version 1.4.

The Z-DVD-ROM firmware update places new firmware on the Apple DVD-ROM drive installed in the iMac DV+, iMac DV SE and Power Macintosh G4 Cubes. The update improves the audio-extraction performance of the DVD-ROM drive. It requires Mac OS 9.0.4 or above.

Macintosh Manager 1.4 is used to manage Mac OS client computers running System 7.6.1 or later. Client computers each need the new update to be installed to fix certain bugs and enjoy some new functionality. The update does not include AppleShare IP server software, but this is available from Apple.

Meanwhile an International English version of Apple's music player iTunes seems destined for a mid-March release. An Apple source recently claimed that this version should be available "momentarily".