Apple has introduced a new range of features for its .Mac subscribers, including training resources and a simple link to downloadable content through members’ iDisks.

Describing the new "Members Only" folder accessible through iDisk, Apple says: "We've created the new Members Only folder inside the Software folder on your iDisk to make it drag-and-drop easy to get the software and other downloadable content you're entitled to as a .Mac member."

It explains: "The Software folder acts more like a portal than a container. What's inside doesn't count against your quota of iDisk space, but instead provides direct access to content that lives elsewhere."

Apple is also offering an assortment of sound effects for .Mac members that they can use with iMovie. These include 13 sound effects from Skywalker Sounds and a vast library of thousands of tracks (in AAC format) in different musical styles from Freeplay Music.

The training components for members offer a guide to using the company's iLife applications, including iMovie and iDVD.

This training consists of 36 movies on a range of subjects covering basic and advanced knowledge.