Some customers may be experiencing problems using Apple's new presentation application, Keynote, the company admitted yesterday.

Speaking with MacCentral, Apple said: "Apple has identified a bug in the driver software for certain ATI graphics chips which can affect a small number of systems when used with Keynote. Apple is working on an updated driver which should be available to customers shortly."

Customers have complained of a range of problems, ranging from persistent crashes to quantities of lost data when using the solution. A range of such complaints have been submitted to Apple's KnowledgeBase discussion groups.

Keynote includes professionally designed themes, fully anti-aliased typography, pro-quality image resizing, animated charts and tables, and cinematic-quality transitions.

Apple's themes include: Blackboard, Pushpin, Parchment, and Notebook. They feature co-ordinated backgrounds, fonts, colours, bullets, tables and charts.

Users can change the themes of their presentation, modify existing themes, or create custom themes to give presentations a unique look.

The application supports Quartz and OpenGL. It also supports: drag-&-drop; alpha-channel graphics and a wide variety of image formats, including: PDF; PSD; TIFF; JPEG; and SWF. And it can export and import PowerPoint presentations.

Keynote requires a G4 processor running Mac OS X 10.2.3 with 256MB RAM, 8MB Video RAM and 1GB of hard disk space. It costs £79.