Apple's building bridges to architects with the Digital Architects Tour, which takes place next month.

There's two UK shows: one in Manchester on May 4, the other in London May 6. They aim to show architects how they can employ Apple and digital technologies in their work.

A message on the Digital Architect Web site reads: "Come and see how you can fully exploit the potential offered by the convergence of digital media into the design process. Leading edge applications will be demonstrated in one seamless workflow that will teach you how to offer the ultimate presentation experience. You will learn how easy it is to take advantage of some of the coolest tools to beat your competition and you’ll be able to go back to your studio with the latest ideas on how to win your next bid."

Featured application include: SketchUp, VectorWorks, Piranesi, FastTrack Schedule and Cinema 4D to improve your workflow.

The rolling road show travels across Europe during May and June.