Apple and Akamai Technologies have disclosed details of their strategic agreement on streaming media that was announced by Interim CEO Steve Jobs at Macworld Expo in New York last month.

The deal offers users worldwide the opportunity to access high-quality streaming-video content. It centres on the integration of Apple’s QuickTime player and streaming-server technology with Akamai’s global Internet-content delivery.

As well as Akamai’s integration of QuickTime servers into its network, Apple has selected Akami as its exclusive network provider for QuickTime TV. Cementing this relationship, Apple invested $12.5 million in June in exchange for 5 per cent shares in the company.

An industry insider told Macworld: "Steve Jobs believes Apple and Akamai will deliver the highest quality and easiest-to-use Internet streaming-video content available."

A separate announcement from Akamai also revealed that CISCO systems has also made an investment in the company.