Liquidmetal Technologies CEO Tom Steipp claims that Apple is already using Liquidmetal.

In a video discovered by 9to5Mac, Steipp said that Liquidmetal is being used in a commercial capacity, "on a number of accounts, most recently by Apple computer."

In recent months there have been rumours that Apple would use Liquidmetal in its MacBook laptops as well as claims that the iPhone 5 might feature Liquidmetal on the back, rather than glass.

Steipp doesn’t disclose which products Apple is using the Liquidmetal for, although Business Insider claims it recently spoke to a Liquidmetal inventors who said that Apple was using the alloy in its SIM card ejector pins that used to ship with iPhones.

Liquidmetal alloys combine over twice the strength of titanium with the processing efficiency of plastics, according to the company behind the technology.