Apple has apparently changed the terms of its Made for iPod scheme.

The Made for iPod scheme was designed to prevent bad products entering the ecosystem, while grabbing a share of profits, and it's the latter point that has reportedly changed. Apple has switched from a percentage-based fee to a flat fee structure, reports Smarthouse.

"The initial licensing program was based on Apple taking a percentage of revenue from all products that connected to an Apple 17-pin iPod connector," the report claims.

"Originally Apple proposed a fee of 1.5 per cent but as the popularity of the iPod increased and sales moved into the tens of millions Apple told organisations like Bose that they had to pay up to 10 per cent of revenue back to Apple for being an official partner of the "Made for iPod" program. Instead, the program has been replaced with a flat $4.00 per unit fee."

The new tariff comes as Apple prepares to launch action against accessory makers who are not part of the scheme, the report explains.

Mr Kannyn MacRae product marketing director of Belkin Australia told Smarthouse: "Apple is getting tough on the non-authorised guys and this is good, as they intend to enforce the Made for Apple program via the authorised partners".

The accessory makers most likely to suffer are those whose iPod products are low cost.