Apple will webcast its forthcoming November 5 analyst meeting.

This annual meeting takes place at Apple's Cupertino headquarters from 1-5pm PT (9pm-1am GMT).

The company announced a $44 million fourth-quarter profit on October 15, a 19 per cent increase in year-on-year revenues. The results reflected increased Power Mac shipments following the release of the G5.

Apple and analysts have observed a slight recovery in the professional markets in recent months, with corporate buyers and SMEs entering a long-awaited upgrade cycle.

The company's music efforts are expected to be key discussion topics during the call, as analysts try to ascertain the true value of iTunes Music Store for Windows.

Apple has already announced that one million song sales and one million iTunes for Windows downloads took place in the days following last week's announcement.

Apple's efforts to keep its current edge in the notebook market are also likely to be generally discussed.

However, it's Apple policy to not discuss unannounced products.