Apple will attempt to dazzle the world with its new product launches tonight, and analysts are casting their predictions as the soothsayer bet-placing enters its final round.

Most seem to agree that the iPod family will see significant upgrades, but the cacophony continues to surround the prospect of iTunes movie downloads, which may (or may not) include films from studios other than Disney, Disney subsidiaries and Lions Gate Entertainment.

Many analysts predict a new device will debut at the event, a device designed to bridge the gap between a computer and a TV and to let users watch downloaded movies on a big screen.

"When you're talking movie downloads within the home, you have to be able to get stuff from the downloaded point to the big screen in the house. That's been the weak link" Jupiter analyst Michael Gartenberg, told Reuters.

Reuters also reports Yankee Group analyst Michael Goodman, who observed: "Apple has a number of arrows in the quiver when it comes to technology. You have pieces that can work together to bridge the gap between the PC and the TV."

But another report warns that Apple is expert at the feint and uttered half-comments that are specifically designed to maximise excitement when it launches anything.

Gartneberg told ABC News: "Even when people think they know the story, they don't know the whole story. And sometimes, they're completely wrong."

All analysts demur from predicting an iPod phone at today's launch.

Macworld will bring you the news from Apple tonight as the event takes place.

Apple's presentation begins at 6pm, UK time.