Merrill Lynch analyst Steve Fortuna and UBS Warburg analyst Charles Wolf have a lot of faith in Apple, describing the company as having "a unique competitive advantage" as it has control of the Apple platform.

Fortuna expressed concern for the sustainability of the company’s stock, and its future growth. Wolf expresses more optimism for the company. He says Apple "has a unique competitive advantage". He singles out Steve Jobs’ management since 1997, and praises Apple for industry-leading innovation since Jobs took over in 1997. He also predicts "great things" from the company at the forthcoming Macworld Expo, New York. He recommends Apple stock as a definite buy, according to a broadcast from CNBC.

Fortuna says Apple will have new product releases and new retail partnerships to announce July 19. But, he expresses concerns that the company’s profits growth will slow down following September’s quarter. He says: "Unless they can deliver some real compelling vision going forward, we have concerns for the sustainability of the stock."

Apple closed Friday at $51.6875.