Apple is looking at China and India as potential growth markets.

The company has seen a large chunk of its revenues coming from these territories. The move may see the company extend its reach from Hollywood into Bollywood.

Apple's Asia-Pacific product marketing manager Danny Lam told Hindu Business Line: "The Asia-Pacific is an important market for us. In this region India and China are growing fast and we expect their contribution to our revenues to increase."

As part of its strategy to grow in India and China, Apple has decided to launch new products simultaneously in both markets.

The company has also pledged to consider the prices it charges for new products in these markets. "We have decided to keep prices in mind before launching new products," Lam said.

Apple has its eyes set on the gigantic Bollywood film industry, as it attempts to identify new market segments, the report claims.

Lam said: "India is the world's largest producers of films. As time goes by, more and more films will use special effects. We will continue to improve the performance of our products to address our traditional market."