Apple has set its end-of-life prices for its remaining stocks of last-generation (pre-Showtime) iPod family of products.

Meanwhile, initial reports have emerged that point out some unknown details of its new offerings: iPods, iPod nanos and the iPod shuffle.

One notable news nugget is that the latest iPods don't ship with an installation CD containing iTunes and iPod software - this is now only available as a download from the company.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs briefly showed a slide that illustrated new packaging for some of the products. In the case of the iPod nano, the device now ships in a hard plastic box that's approximately 10.3cm x 5.5cm x 4.3cm in size.

The top section of the clear plastic container lets you see the iPod nano, which is itself secured inside the pack by a clear plastic 'shelf'.

Under that shelf is a white card arrangement that folds out to reveal Apple's newly designed headphones (which on first use are more comfortable than before), a slim instruction booklet (secured with a plastic sheath), a dock adaptor, and a USB 2.0 iPod cable.

End of life prices

Apple has also set its price for any remaining previous-generation iPods left in its sales channels. These are:

iPod nano: 1GB white or black, £79; 2GB, white or black, £99; 4GB, white or black, £129.

iPod: 30GB, white or black, £189; 60GB, white or black, £219.

iPod U2: £209.