Apple has announced its latest round of developer-focused tech talks, in which the company's experts will explain what's under the hood of its latest OS, Leopard.

Apple's European Worldwide Developer Relations team is inviting developers from across the region to attend one of its tech talks, which will take place at multiple locations in November and December.

Tech talks have been announced in Amsterdam, Netherlands; D├╝sseldorf, Germany; Geneva, Switzerland; Nice, France; Lisbon, Portugal; Madrid, Spain; Prague, Czech Republic; Warsaw, Poland; Budapest, Hungary; and Edinburgh, Scotland.

Topics covered will include an overview of Mac OS X Leopard technologies: Spotlight, Quicklook, Core Animation, Xcode 3.0. Interface Builder 3.0.

The sessions will also offer information on developing 64-bit applications, migrating code from Carbon to Cocoa and image processing and manipulation in Leopard.

Space at these sessions is strictly limited.