During Apple's pre-release press call in Cupertino, California, yesterday, Apple mapped the road ahead for the company's next-generation operating system, Mac OS X.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs spoke to press and analysts to reassure them that Apple was in for the long haul, and that OS X would be a central element of the company's plans for the next 15 years.

The company also rolled out a long list of leading developers who have committed to supporting the new OS in future products. Over 300 new OS X ready products are already promised, said Jobs.

Apple also promised OS X-compliant versions of iMovie, iTunes and a preview version of AppleWorks 6.1 for OS X.

March 24 OS X 'not finished article' Jobs also admitted that OS X does lack some features, including DVD and CD-authoring support. He promised that Apple would release downloadable updates to repair these omissions over the coming weeks.

He also said that the release strategy chosen by Apple was the only "viable" one that the company could use, as it would need reports from end users to make the OS "the best in the world".

More announcements Apple has also released an International English version of iTunes, and launched a consumer finance wing to help UK customers purchase new Macs.

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