Apple is taking bookings for the 2004 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco.

This key event in the Mac calendar takes place from June 28-July 2. Apple has announced several 'content tracks' for developers, and has also posted QuickTime broadcasts of several sessions it ran last year, including those on OpenGL, QuickTime Pro and application authoring.

Apple is pushing its operating system evangelism on a page dedicated to WWDC 2004, saying: "Mac OS X is the only platform today that gives so many types of developers so many ways to bring ideas to life."

It adds: "At WWDC 2004, you’ll connect face-to-face with Apple engineers and your colleagues from around the world – hardware and software developers, IT managers, scientists, researchers, systems administrators, Web designers, and content creators – for a week of education and inspiration."

The company is also stressing some of its successes in the months since WWDC 2003: "Whether you want to build a supercomputer on a limited budget", it says. It's also hinting at possible futures for the Apple industry when it says: "Or if you want to deliver rich media content over a cell phone, the Mac platform makes it possible."

Last year at WWDC, Apple introduced its Power Mac G5, new operating system Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, iChat AV, Xcode, its iSight camera and Safari 1.0.