Details of two patents applied for by Apple have emerged.

Cnet has revealed that Apple has applied for a patent for technology that would allow a portable media player to detect that it is falling.

In the patent application Apple says: "The portable-computing device protects its disk drive by monitoring for such accelerations and operating to avoid usage of the disk drive during periods of acceleration. Through such protection, the likelihood of damage to the disk drive or loss of data stored on the disk drive is able to be substantially reduced."

This means that if the iPod was dropped it would detect the acceleration as it fell, would stop reading or writing to the hard drive, and therefore minimise damage. Apple filed for this patent in June 2003.


According to, Apple has filed for a patent covering the iTunes Producer application and the backend architecture that is used by authorized musicians and record labels when managing and sending music to the iTunes Music Store.

Screenshots of the software are included in the patent. Waxy highlights that fields viewable by those unloading music include Parental Advisory warnings, and a button for adding Lyrics, which may suggest that it may eventually be possible to download a song's lyrics in iTunes.