An Earth observation Satellite due to be launched from Australia in 2008 will use Apple's "mission-critical" supercomputer technology.

Sydney-based AstroVision will establish the first live, continuous, high-resolution and true-colour motion imagery and data of the Earth from a geostationary imaging satellite, writes Terra Daily.

AstroVision MD Michael Hewins commented: "Apple was our first choice for this project given its advanced capabilities in the design and development of mission-critical supercomputers. Also, the industry-leading QuickTime platform for the creation, distribution and playback of digital multimedia will enable us to quickly provide customers with stunning real time imagery from Space."

He added: "We have been working with Apple Computer Australia for some time now and their extensive international expertise and focus on innovation provides significant value to our operations."

Whatever the weather

The data will be used to monitor weather and natural disasters, reduce bushfire and hail damage, improve coastal surveillance, navigational hazards for maritime and aviation industries, and improve electrical energy forecasting and delivery efficiency, according to the report.

Senator Grant Chapman, chairman of the Federal Government's Industry and Resource Committee said: "In teaming with Apple, AstroVision intends not only to set up the fastest supercomputer in Australia but to deliver a vital service to a whole range of organizations and consumer markets across the Government, Education and Private sectors."