Apple experts will showcase the company's publishing solutions at a leading European trade event for that sector.

The Ifra Expo has become Europe's largest annual trade fair for newspaper and publishing professionals. The show takes place in Leipzig, Germany between October 17-20 this year.

Apple reports its plans: "Ever since Apple brought publishing to the desktop in the 80's, the Mac has been the tool of choice for design and publishing professionals.

"Today, Apple's innovative products and solutions continue to move the industry forward, transforming the traditional print workflow with Mac OS X Tiger, Xserve and Xserve RAID; and bringing 64-bit computing to the desktop with the Power Mac G5," it explains.

A series of stage presentations are planned at the show, covering multiple Mac-related topics.

These include: Mac OS X client management made easy; Metadatam RSS and Dashboard widgets in Mac OS X 10.4; and Automator.

Attendees can also expect to see a special preview of Quark XPress 7 during a series of executive presentations at the show.