Cobalt Networks has refused to say if it will sue Apple over the G4 Cube’s design.

Colbalt said it is "concerned about the possible trademark infringement of Apple’s use of the Cube".

Susanna Kolsch, Cobalt’s press representative, confirmed that Cobalt has "not filed a lawsuit against Apple". The company would not confirm if legal action was to be expected, saying it "would determine the next steps when appropriate".

Kolsch added that media reports so far imply that Apple faces a lawsuit from the company. While acknowledging the possibility, Cobalt said: "The articles in essence state that Cobalt has filed a lawsuit against Apple, that statement is untrue."

Speculation about legal action against Apple first broke late last week, with reports that Cobalt’s CEO Stephen DeWitt had told his partners that he was considering suing Apple over trademark infringement.

Web sever Cobalt has been manufacturing and selling a cube-shaped machine, called Cobalt Qube, for two years. The Qube is an Internet and intranet server in a box, and is capable of connecting and serving up to 150 users, a million Web page requests, and 400,000 emails per day.

Apple’s recently-announced G4 Cube is a 450 or 500Mhz personal computer, with 20GB or more of hard-disk storage and up to 1.5GB RAM.