Apple has just been awarded patents for a number of not so new Apple technologies.

First up, Apple has been granted a patent for the current design of the MacBook Air. It is unknown whether a new design of the MacBook Air will premier at Apple's 'Back to the Mac' event on Wednesday night. That patent was originally filed in Q4 2009.

A patent for the Quartz Extreme Compositor. Quartz Extreme was introduced in Mac OS X 10.2.

This patent was originally filed in Q4 2006. According to Patently Apple, Quartz Extreme was first presented at a Seybold Conference in 2002.

Apple now owns a patent for iChat Video Conferencing. Specifically: an "architecture for establishing multi-participant video conferences". That patent was originally filed in Q2 2005.

Patently Apple describes an number of other patents granted on Tuesday, including a patent for the compass icon as seen on the iPhone.