Apple has announced the winners of its US-only Apple iLife Educator Awards 2003.

These awards aim to recognize the most innovative use of iLife in the classroom.

Apple VP education John Couch said: "Today's students are digital kids who learn and communicate differently than students did just five years ago, and teachers need new tools to keep these students engaged in learning. With the iLife Awards, we're recognizing and rewarding the educators that have best integrated this powerful, yet easy to use set of tools for digital kids into their curriculum."

The Grand Prize winner was eighth-grade science teacher Jon Hand for his "Grass Born to be Stepped On" project.

"The real winners are the eighth-grade students that created this incredible work on the eMac using iLife," he said. "The students had been working with an analogue VHS editing system for a few weeks, and were getting frustrated because the technology kept getting in the way of what they were trying to say. So they found me and the Mac in our lab, and in two days created a powerful documentary."

A complete list of winning entries and lesson plans is available from Apple.