Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has described Apple as: "The best bar none at developing technology that fits how a human being is and thinks."

Speaking in an interview at the 8th annual CRN Industry Hall of Fame event, he told CRN: "I still see that going on at Apple more than any other company in the world."

These are unusually positive words for Wozniak who is usually quite vocal in his criticisms of the company and the operating system.

Wozniak believes that some of the simplicity of the original Mac operating system has been lost. Describing the early Macs he explained: "The software was intuitive. You figured it out without thinking. Now any program whether you are on a Mac or a PC, you can't really go to another program because you know that all your skills are knowing where things are and you can't really figure your way around as easily as before."

Despite these views, Woz praises Apple as a technology leader. "Apple just leads the way over PCs. Being the first to massively introduce things like WiFi and Bluetooth and build them into computers. Apple is still the leader in technology. Look at the iPods and how they work with the computer."

He also claims that Apple computers are "very reasonably priced or even lower priced than PCs."