Apple has launched a beta version of its Knowledge Base, its next-generation support solution for Macintosh users. The beta support is now available for all Apple products.

The Knowledge Base is accessed via Apple’s Tech support pages. Clearly marked as a beta test, Apple is inviting its customers to check out and comment on Apple’s new support solution.

Potential users must register for the service and choose a password. They then gain access to Apple’s Knowledge Base, where they can choose to search for information about particular products, topics, or even input their own question(s). The software then runs a search on the Base, and delivers relevant answers or information. Apple is keen for customer feedback regarding its Knowledge Base.

Apple began beta-testing its new support solution in early August, but only for PowerBook support. Apple is working with e-services specialist Kanisa to provide customizable, accurate and helpful support services.

When announced, Steve Jobs said: "We want to provide our customers with an online service and support experience that is personalized and interactive."