Apple is to increase the number of its staff located in major outlets of PC World, the giant computer-store chain. Apple’s UK managing director Mark Rogers told Macworld that by Christmas the company will employ 20 special Mac promoters in key PC World stores – an increase of 14 on the current total.

Rogers also said that Apple is trying to get more Macs into high-street Dixons stores. These retail initiatives are part of the same strategy that has seen Apple attend its first UK big show in over four years.

“By attending a show like MacExpo, we’re hoping to get more people in front of Macs, actually using them – not just seeing slick ads on TV,” he explained.

“With our own promoters in PC World, we hope that people won’t be pushed to the Windows section as soon as they walk into the shop,” he added.

Apple currently has no plans to open its own-branded retail stores outside of the US. Rogers told Macworld that the US Apple shops were a "tremendous success".