Apple has expanded its eMac range for homes and schools.

Available now, the two new models include a Combo DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive for £899, and a SuperDrive for burning DVDs and CDs for £1,249 (including VAT).

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, said: "Now, for the first time, users can burn their own custom DVDs for under £1,249.

Apple's iMovie and iDVD applications – to edit video and create and burn custom DVDs – come pre-installed on the new eMacs.

The eMac features a 17-inch flat CRT in a "compact" design that is 8mm less deep than the original 15-inch iMac. The range offers 700 and 800MHz PowerPC G4 processors with Velocity Engine and includes Apple’s suite of "digital-lifestyle" apps including iPhoto for managing and sharing digital photographs, iMovie for creating digital movies, and iTunes for creating a digital music library.