Did Macworld's Reader Poll force Apple into action? All this week, Macworld has polled its readers on the question of whether Apple should exhibit just at its Paris-based European Apple Expo, at a London show or both.

Half of all voters said that Apple should exhibit in both capital cities, with a further 32 per cent favouring a London show above the more French-focused Euro event. However, an not-insubstantial 16 per cent thought Apple correct in sticking to Paris as the hub of Europe.

Just two days after the poll started to show the depth of feeling for a UK-based show with Apple at its centre, Apple caved in and said that it would indeed turn up at the London-based MacExpo (November 22-24). For more details, see our news story.

New poll So Macworld's new Reader Poll asks you for your opinion on the dramatic announcement.

Is it: Great news for UK users; a blow to European integration; Long overdue; Unbelievable; or, a waste of Apple's energy.

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