Apple's brand continues to shine, climbing two places in this years Business Week/Interbrand 'Top 100 Global Brands' survey.

Now the world's 41st most valuable brand name, Apple is among the top five climbers in the fifth annual chart, as compiled by Business Week and Interbrand.

"Apple returns as one of the top five climbers with its 16 per cent growth following last year's 24 per cent growth, due to its lower price point products (iPod shuffle and Mac mini) and the success of iTunes," Interbrand writes.

Blurring the media

This year's rising stars: "All had widely varied arsenals and were able to unleash different campaigns for different consumers in different media almost simultaneously. They wove messages over multiple media channels and blurred the lines between advertising and entertainment," the report claims.

The impact of convergence between computers and consumer electronics continues to resound. "They are on the move as they enter new markets, broadening product offerings, appealing to a wider part of the market and ultimately increasing brand strength," Interbrand observed.

Five out of the six top brands in the computer hardware industry are among the top 50 Best Global Brands.

The world's leading brand, Coca-Cola, saw no change in it's brand value according to the survey. Microsoft slipped two per cent, but held second-place position; while IBM slipped one per cent holding third place. Intel is the world's fifth most valuable property - up six per cent.

Sony, Morgan Stanley, and Volkswagen saw the biggest losses in brand value.