Forbes has declared Apple to be among America's 400 leading large companies.

"The Platinum 400 - also known as America's Best Big Companies - outperformed the stock market over the following 12 months," Forbes said.

The financial experts have also declared Apple to be the top-ranked brand, worth approximately $5.3 billion - up 38 per cent across the last four years.

The ranking shows that Apple's brand value has increased the most within its industry during the past four years.

The company ranks above Blackberry, Google, Amazon and Yahoo - with Apple CEO Steve Jobs' other company, Pixar, sitting in ninth place on the list.

To determine Apple's brand leadership, Forbes used marketing consultants Vivaldi Partners who surveyed chief marketing officers and consumers, asking them to identify brands they felt were both growing fast and being innovative.

Seagate Technology was declared 'Company of the year'.