Apple inadvertently broke support for 64-bit applications on OS X with a comprehensive but faulty Security Update it released this week.

Apple's engineering team rushed to repair the problem, releasing new versions of the update last night.

Apple explains the new version 1.1 updates: "Replace the updates for Tiger systems. Users who have already installed v1.0 on Tiger systems should install v1.1".

Mathematica developer Wolfram Research first confirmed that version 5.2 of its application had been affected because the update had broken its 64-bit support.

"Due to an error on the part of Apple, this update prevents any 64-bit-native application from running," the company said.

Entering instant damage-control mode, Wolfram released a script to customers to temporarily make the application run in 32-bit mode while Apple's engineering team rushed to repair the problem.

The problem stemmed from a missing Library file. You can download the replacement updates directly from Apple, or through Software Update.