Apple has bought podcasting to the masses with the latest iTunes update, and according to an analyst, will make the podcasting phenomenon its own.

Jupiter Researches Michael Gartenberg writes: "Apple's done for podcasting the same thing they did with RSS in Tiger. They made it usable by the mass markets and at the same time, they have the what is going to be the most widely used podcasting client on both Macintosh and Windows and that will make their directory the one to be listed in."

Gartenberg is impressed at Apples integration of the podcasting service into iTunes. He explains: "Apple also tweaked the firmware in all the iPod so there's a separate podcasting category, which means podcasts won't get shuffled with my music and will support bookmarks so I can listen to podcasts and resume where I left off."

He describes iTunes as "not just the premier podcast PC client," and notes that "the iPod itself is now first among devices with integrated podcast support".