Apple will broadcast Apple CEO Steve Jobs' Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on Monday June 23.

The broadcast will be available by satellite at the following coordinates and begins at 6pm UK time. It is known that the transmission will be broadcast into Europe. The actual local European co-ordinates may differ from those below.

Mac users can expect a preview of Apple's latest version of Mac OS X (Panther), while the rumour mill suggests the company may introduce a G5 processor in some Macs.

Ku-band Analog
Telstar 5/Transponder: 25 K
Orbital Slot: 97 degrees west
Uplink Frequency: 14444 MHz
Downlink Frequency: 12144 MHz
Polarity: Vertical down
Audio subcarriers: 6.2 and 6.8

C-band Analog
Galaxy 3C/Transponder 3C
Orbital Slot: 95 degrees west
Uplink Frequency: 5985 MHz
Downlink Frequency: 3760 MHz
Polarity: Horizontal down
Audio subcarriers: 6.2 and 6.8