Apple is hoping to offer other musicians promotional opportunities similar to the U2 campaign.

Speaking at the Music 2.0 conference in Los Angeles, iTunes product manager Chris Bell said: "We want to work with all artists on some scale."

He explained that other musical acts could enjoy a similar promotional push to U2. The Irish band created a black-and-red Special Edition iPod, a 30-second TV ad, and made a video for Vertigo available only at the iTunes Music Store. U2 is also offering The Complete U2, 446 songs for £119.

Bell said The Complete U2 had been well-received: "Our customers want this stuff," he claimed.

Macworld US is reporting that Bell told music executives at the Music 2.0 conference that some elements of the U2 campaign could be used to market any artist.

He vowed to work closely with record labels to "deliver music that's not available." He also said: "There is tremendous interest [from iTunes users] in music videos and movie trailers."

"We drive interest in digital music by continually innovating," Bell explained, describing some of the new features in the iTunes Music Store, including iMix and the Artist Alert feature. Regarding iMix he claimed: "A peer-to-peer-like community is emerging. DJs, artists, people who used to make mix tapes ... they're in there and they're interacting."

He also noted that there is a huge opportunity for Apple to grow its share of the whole music market. According to the company legal downloads currently account for 2 per cent of the music market. "That's an opportunity for us to grow," Bell said.