Apple's bid for enterprise sales continues to benefit from its high-performance products, Xserve, Xserve RAID, Xsan and OS X Server.

To support such products, the company is building a dedicated sales force and signing up new resellers, and is pushing the new Mac mini as a viable upgrade alternative for client computers.

Local Apple distributor Renaissance now has a dedicated corporate and government team, reports the New Zealand Herald.

With Windows-based organisations now following the advice to seek less virus-prone insecure alternatives to Windows, Apple is capturing attention.

Education establishments are already buying Mac kit, as they are already cross-platform places, said Renaissance head David Olliver: "It can be maintained by a staff member or support person who doesn’t need to get under the hood or have high-level technical skills to keep everything working," he said.

Other potential markets include: small businesses; and open source, Unix and Linux-based businesses.

A local Apple reseller confirms New Zealand corporates are searching for cross-platform solutions, revealing, "compatibility issues have disappeared". Prices are at parity, and Apple's storage solutions are winning converts, too.

"In storage, the Xserve RAID is the most economical storage solution in the industry for data byte per dollar spend."