Apple has received recognition for product placement in Brandchannel's 2004 Brandcameo Awards.

Apple was awarded a lifetime achievement award for product placement. The company's products have appeared in many major films from 1986's hit Short Circuit to Independence Day and this year's version of Fever Pitch – set in the US…

Brandchannel writes: "Apple's placement across genres, from serious dramas to child- and tween-targeted films like Sleepover assures the brand a target audience of those who not only influence mum and dad's purchasing habits, but also those who are mum and dad."

However the report notes: "If space aliens knew about humans only what they learned from our movies, they would surely think two things: 1) We are an exclusively beautiful species, and B) we all use Apple computers. Yet Apple's global market share for computers dropped to less than two per cent in 2004 (1.87 per cent market share in Q3 2004 down from 2.19 per cent in Q3 2003)."

Brandchannel asks: "In terms of product placement's effectiveness this raises some huge questions, one of which seems to imply that, at best, the effectiveness of product placement is completely unpredictable or, at worst, product placement doesn't really work at all."