Apple CEO Steve Jobs has hinted at plans to release more iTunes-capable mobile phones, despite the lukewarm response to Motorola's ROKR.

He told Fortune Magazine: "There are more phones yet to roll out," the report says. Jobs added, "Cingular has been great to work with."

Because Cingular is a US mobile network operator, Jobs' latter point is bound to generate the usual volume of speculative reports claiming Apple has plans to launch its own-branded virtual mobile phone company, using some of its $8 billion fighting-fund to reinvent yet another industry.

American Technology Analyst Shaw Wu expects such a move, telling clients this week: "We believe Apple is studying and working on a business plan to attack the mobile phone space, similar to its strategy in music".

Jobs, a ROKR at heart

Jobs also described himself as happy with Apple's part in the Motorola/Apple-developed ROKR phone.

Asked to describe Apple, Jobs grabbed the remote control for the new iMac and compared it to that used by Media Centre PCs.

"Apple is a company that takes complex technology and makes it easier and simpler to use," he said.

"Our goal is to stand at the intersection of technology and the humanities," he added.

The reporter, Peter Lewis, said that in his opinion: "Apple has done a better job with content-management software than Microsoft has with its Media Center PC."