To accommodate schools and QuarkXPress users, Apple has changed its plans to make Mac OS X the only boot-up system possible for new Macs sold in 2003 and after, MacCentral reports.

The company intends continuing to sell some models of Macintosh that will boot up in OS 9. These models include the dual processor 1.25GHz Power Macintosh, CRT iMacs, eMacs and iBooks. These models will be available until June 2003, the company says.

The company announced in September that, starting in January 2003, all new Macs would boot only into Mac OS X as the start-up operating system, but that they would retain the ability to run most Mac OS 9 applications through the Classic environment of Mac OS X.

Despite the need to continue OS 9 support as an option for some customers, OS X migration is going well, the company said: "Apple's professional customers are rapidly adopting Mac OS X, with more than 80 per cent now choosing Mac OS X as their default OS.

"To accommodate a minority of our pro customers still running Mac OS 9 applications such as QuarkXPress, Apple will continue to offer a 1.25GHz dual-processor Power Mac that will boot into Mac OS 9 until June."

Quark has yet to ship an OS X version of its industry-standard DTP application, and refuses to confirm rumours that it will ship the product in 2003.