Trent Reznor of the Nine Inch Nails has made the band's new single "The Hand That Feeds' available for download as a GarageBand project.

GarageBand users are invited to download and then work with the track. The file is the actual multitrack audio session. The GarageBand file was taken from the Pro Tools file. A Read Me file from Trent Reznor is included with the download.

Podcast loops

Apple technologies are reverberating across the music industry. In related news, last week French techno record label Edensonic released a series of loops for use in projects for free as a Podcast. The label want DJs and remixers to use the sounds. Here's the link to patch into your RSS reader:

Sharing goes legit

Even musical events are experiencing these repercussions, with London's Playlist Club opening its doors in London on April 23 (and Philadelphia on April 25 to invite an audience of iPod-equipped music fans to compete for prizes from iPodLounge and KarmaDownload.

The Times describes Playlist as, "a newly democratic way to decide what a dancefloor will be listening to - and along the way is turning amateur DJs into local club heroes."

Darkside in the mix

It's not a completely seamless transition. The Association of Independent Music (AIM) has made an official complaint to the Office of Fair Trading about the new combined digital and physical singles UK music chart.

This is because they feel independent labels are under represented within that chart, because key online retailers (such as iTunes) do not prioritize adding independent catalogue to their servers.