WWDC isn’t the only event taking place in the second week in June on the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is will be speaking at the 2012 EuraMedia Summit, held in Boston, Massachusetts from 13-16 June.

The EuraMedia Summit is intended to encourage entrepreneurship and idea exchange between the US, the UK and Russia. It is centred on the opportunities in the Russian technology and media sectors.

Woz is attending in his guise as chief scientist at Fusion-io. Fusion-io specialise in cloud computing solutions.

Wozniak said: "Innovation is a product of collaboration so I hope this inaugural summit will encourage entrepreneurship whilst also inspiring the next generation of great start ups," according to the press release.

Wozniak recently spoke to students at the University of Southern California about the company he started with Steve Jobs in the 1970s.

Actor Josh Gad is set to play Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in the upcoming independent movie about Steve Jobs, Jobs: Get Inspired.

Woz has recently been expressing a preference for the Windows phone. He has described it as better than Android.