Apple appears to have withdrawn the International-English ColorSync 3.0.1 update, which was posted on its Web site on Monday.

A Macworld reader who attempted to install the update yesterday reported an error message regarding "localization fixes" during the installation process. However, the new features - such as the new control panel - appeared to have been installed successfully.

ColorSunc Now, the Apple updates site has no trace of the International-English version of the update, and the link to the update from Apple UK's Hot News page no longer works. The North-American version remains available for download.

An Apple UK spokesman was unable to shed light on the mystery at the time of going to press, but Macworld will report on any changes in the situation.

The mystery disappearance occurs at a time when Apple has been coming under increasing criticism from its non-US English-speaking customers about the long waits they suffer for software updates. International-English versions of updates can take months to appear after the North-American software updates – sometimes never appearing if round-up updaters beat it to the clock.