Apple has scored highly in PC Magazine's reliability and service survey.

The company came out on top with better than average reliability for the iPod, and better than average reliability for its notebooks and desktops.

Apple was the only company considered to be better than average in the audio player category. Receiving an average rating was Creative, Dell, iRiver, Samsung, and Sony. Receiving a below average rating was Archos, Panasonic, RCA and Rio.

Satisfaction, that's what you need

Apple shared the better than average rating in the desktops category with ABS, Alienware, eMachines and Medion. Acer, Dell, Gateway, IBM, Sony and others were average, and Compaq, CyberPower and HP were below average in that category.

In the notebook category eMachines also received a better than average score. Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, IBM, Sony and Toshiba were average, and Compaq and HP below average.

PC World surveyed its readers to to gauge the overall reliability and service of PC vendors.