Apple is working hard with car manufacturers to product in-car integration systems that are as easy to use as a car CD player or radio, the company has confirmed.

Apple senior director of worldwide iPod product marketing, Bob Borchers, spoke with Macworld to spread the good news to drivers: integration is getting better and there will soon be no need to struggle with an iPod click wheel while driving down the fast lane of the M1.

Borchers spoke about the different systems available on the market now – from cassette adaptors to FM transmitters to car manufacturer-made integration solutions.

"Our research shows that 49 per cent of UK iPod users listen to their iPod in their car," he explains, stressing that most want truly integrated solutions.

Car makers who've made the leap to deliver integrated solutions have enjoyed a positive experience, he explained. "What we are seeing (which is really heartening) is that all the brands who offer this begin with iPod integration in a few vehicles, only to widen it across their range later."

In the future Borchers expects usability to improve, as early experiments have revealed that the most elegant solutions don't neccessarily replicate the iPod user interface on the car stereo.

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