Apple will exhibit at MacExpo 2005, the company confirmed last night.

At the beginning of last night's press briefing, vice president and general manager of Apple Europe Pascal Cagni told assembled media that both the Apple Expo and MacExpo shows "are important to Apple".

"We will be at both events", he explained.

A spokesman for MacExpo organizers XPO Events confirmed the news, saying: "We have been working very closely with Apple throughout the year, planning both its presence and the promotion and direction of the show, as we have with many of our major exhibitors".

The spokesman also said the homegrown UK Mac users' event seems set to break all previous records.

"The show's going really well. All the big names are confirmed - pre-registrations are flying in," he said.

"It looks as if exhibitors are investing in order to make the most of the larger venue and new layout," he added.

"Many are designing impressive theatres into their stands so it promises to be a really informative show with lots of presentations and the opportunity to see the latest hardware and software in action."

The spokesman confirmed that most exhibitors this year will be showing how their products can be used as part of overall solutions within the creative industry.

"This really will be the best year yet," he promised.

The MacExpo team are still taking pre-registrations, though as of September 1 began charging for these. The organizers promise that some free tickets will be made available to attendees through selected outlets.

For example, those attending the Macworld Conference 2005, which takes place alongside MacExpo, receive free admission. Speakers at the Conference include best-selling Mac author David Pogue (presenting a Mac OS X Tiger Super Session and iLife masterclasses), Andy Ihnatko, and design guru Deke McClelland (Adobe Photoshop Masterclass).

"MacExpo is once again set to be a fantastic celebration of all that is great and good in the world of Apple and its recent announcements can only add to the party", said XPO Events.

MacExpo 2005 will take place at Olympia's National Hall in Kensington, London between October 27-29.