Apple is reportedly considering plans to port Solaris ZFS to Mac OS X.

An email message purported to come from Sun's Eric Kustarz claims: "Here's some exciting news! Chris Emura, the filesystem development manager within Apple's CoreOS organisation is interested in porting Solaris ZFS to OS X."

Kustarz adds: "Speaking for the ZFS team (at Sun), this is great news and we fully support the effort."

Unix-based, ZFS is an innovative new file system that's part of the Solaris 10 OS. Describing it, distinguished engineer and chief architect of ZFS Jeff Bonwick says: "We've rethought everything and rearchitected it. We've thrown away 20 years of old technology that was based on assumptions no longer true today."

It's designed along a new principle of storing elements of what filesystems need in one pooled storage area, which can be accessed on the fly. This means that only the elements of ZFS that are required at any time are actually use, which helps boost performance.

It also integrates "self-healing" methods to detect and repair those elements if they are accidentally corrupted. More information on ZFS is available from Sun.

Should Apple move to implement support for ZFS within OS X, it would potentially ramp up its offering to enterprise users, particularly in the financial services and telecommunications markets, which mainly use Sun's software to drive their online offerings.