Apple stocks continue to fall as analysts consider the impact of the Taiwan quake on iBook shipments, Motorola’s revelation of inadequate G4 supplies and Apple’s warning of reduced profits this quarter.

Coupled with the jitters on the market with regard to IT stocks, and the recent announcement by highly-placed Microsoft sources that IT stocks are generally "overvalued", the result has been to wipe Apple’s stock values to the high 50’s.

Meanwhile, Michael Kwatinez, an analyst with Credit Suisse First Boston, is reported to have claimed that the Taiwan earthquake has halted iBook production.

Despite this, he did not lower his earnings forecast for Apple, and continues to maintain a "buy" rating on the stock. Indications are that Apple could suffer a shortfall of approximately 10,000 iBooks and up to 15,000 Powerbooks for the September quarter, as both machines are manufactured in Taiwan.

Reports emerging from Taiwan indicate that Apple’s manufacturing plant there, some in the Hsinchu Industrial Park are coming back online, hampered now by the electricity rationing in force there.

Fortunately no Apple employees lost their lives as a result of the tragedy, but the impact of these delays, combined with the furore over obstructed G4 shipments is impacting sharply on Apple’s shareholders at the close of this financial quarter.