Apple now has almost half of Canada's education market, according to Apple's executive VP of worldwide sales and operations, Tim Cook.

In the last quarter Apple Canada won 46 per cent of the Canadian education market, putting the company in first place. Dell is now in second place, with 14 per cent of that market.

Speaking to analysts, Cook said: “Apple's success in education is starting to move out of the boundaries of the US where Apple has already over taken Dell as the number one provider of portables in US schools, winning 30 per cent of the market share in June.”

He added: “Much of the recent success is down to a change in the way we sell to education. A couple of years ago we were going to do education direct, but to cover all the education institutions, on a face to face basis is virtually impossible, and it was never economical for Apple to approach smaller schools.

"In the last few months we have authorised agent channels to sell, greatly expanding our coverage."

Cook emphasised that Apple's Education strategy hasn't changed: "We're still very focused on portable technology in education – what we call the one-to-one learning initiative. We think that is the future of education. Students learn best when they can learn in their time and in their place," the company claims.

"The results of the initiative are incredible and have even surprised those who knew it was the way to go from the beginning."

Cook also announced that Apple has won over 100 education contracts in the US: "We have got our share of large deals, and we are standing solo on many of the large deals at the moment."