Apple has created a new division especially for the iPod, effectively splitting the company in half.

The move has lead to a number of job changes among senior executives at Apple.

According to Reuters, the new iPod Division will be headed up by vice president of hardware engineering Jon Rubinstein.

The Mac division will be led by head of worldwide sales and operations Timothy Cook. Tim Bucher who is currently in charge of Mac system development, will head up Mac hardware engineering.

A spokesperson told Reuters: "This organizational refinement will focus our talent and resources even more precisely on our industry-leading Macintosh computers and the wildly successful iPod."

The move highlights Apple's increasing focus on the iPod and music. The last quarter saw Apple sell more iPods than Macs, leading some industry observers to question whether Apple should reposition itself in the market. Business Week recently suggested that Apple should spin off its digital music offerings as a standalone business – perhaps this move is the start of that.