Apple is cutting the price of older Power Macs to its sales channel, in a bid to clear the machines from its distribution channels, Macworld can confirm.

However, a number of dealers are complaining that the cuts don’t go far enough. One, who wished to remain unnamed, said: "They are insufficient to attract people away from the new models." Apple declined to confirm if it plans further price cuts.

Another dealer said: "We were all waiting for these price cuts, and they aren't good enough at all. We can't drum up extra business with these."

Another commented: "Where Apple doesn't have much inventory left, it can run a medium incentive scheme. As far as I know, it doesn't have too much stock of older models left in the UK."

The company applied similar dealer-price reductions to Power Mac G4s prior to Macworld Expo. The current discounts are also being offered only to dealers, so prices quoted to customers will vary between dealers, depending on how they choose to implement the cuts.

Graphite still more than silver Sample prices collected by Macworld indicate that the 466MHz G4 now costs around £1,050. The 533MHz G4 has fallen up to £450 since its introduction in January, prices on the model are hovering around £1,100, following the price cut.

Dealer discounts have also been applied to the old model, Graphite 733MHz models. The CD-RW unit now costs £1,299 (launch price £2,099), while the SuperDrive 733MHz model costs in the region of £1,950 - a discount of up to £550 on the original price.

However, Apple's retail prices for its new silver Power Macs start at just £1,199 (ex. VAT) for the 733MHz CD-RW model - £100 cheaper than the price-cut Graphites.

Apple announced its new Quicksilver professional desktop computers at Macworld Expo last week. The current range includes 733MHz, 867MHz and dual-800MHz models at £1,199, £1,799 and £2,499 respectively. The top two models ship with SuperDrives.