Apple has cut the cost of AirPort cards, iBooks, PowerBook G4s and its DVD-R media.

The price cuts reflect changes in the company's product matrix announced at Macworld Expo, where Apple introduced both the smallest and largest-ever PowerBooks, and the next generation of AirPort.

The 15.2-inch 1GHz SuperDrive-equipped PowerBook now costs £2,199 - £250 down on last January's price - the Combo-drive PowerBook G4 remains at £1,899.

Apple's iBooks have seen aggressive price cuts across the range - the G3 consumer notebook computers now cost from £799 (including VAT).

The entry-level 12.1-inch TFT screened 700MHz model costs £799, down from £849. The 12.1-inch Combo-drive iBook also sees £50 trimmed from its cost - buying one of these will set you back £1,049. The 14.1-inch Combo-drive equipped iBook sees the most significant discount. This now costs £1,199.01, rather than its previous £1,349 - a £150 saving.

Apple's AirPort card (for 802.11b) now costs £59 - until this week, this product cost £74. The company's DVD-R media five packs have seen a 20 per cent price cut - these now cost £12.

All prices include VAT.